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National Foundry and Manufacturing was established in Crane, Texas in 1974. We are the world leader in oilfield, utility and electrical anchoring systems. National Foundry dominates the oilfield safety anchor industry by providing the best quality products available. Our Dragonback (3-wing expanding bottom anchor) and the Grip-Jaw (4-wing expanding bottom anchor) are like no other; they are the best in the market and were the original anchor bottoms produced which proves they are time tested and reliable.

In 1992, National Foundry expanded its product line to include service to the electrical/utility market. We produced one of the first cathodically protected anchors for electrical transmission, distribution, and use. National Foundry continues to develop applications specifically designed to take anchoring systems into the 21st century. Before purchasing anchors any place else, contact National Foundry.
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National Foundry remains committed to quality by producing only the best products. We continue to use only U.S. made steel, meeting strict steel requirements and standards. Our products are time-tested, and our commitment to quality enables us to better guarantee our products. We have a no-fail policy which is upheld in our electrical product line. Since its conception, we have had zero electrical anchor failures to date. National Foundry has taken the 8-way expanding-type anchor and adapted it to our cathodic rod. This conversion includes installing a rod guide, recoating the entire anchor bottom, and utilizing an insulating washer, thus ensuring better cathodic protection.
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*Contrary to some advertising claims: OSHA nor API have specifications for the design or metallurgic construction of a safety anchor. However they both have specs on testing of the anchor and the anchor must meet these load requirements.