Why National Foundry’s anchors are preferred and specified by major companies and installers:
  • National Foundry Anchors are cast in America, at our foundry, with certified American steel. Manufacturers in China and Mexico use uncertified steel.
  • National Foundry anchors are covered by Product Liability Insurance required by all major companies. China and Mexico-made anchors are not covered by Product Liability Insurance enforceable in the United States. Many purchasers of foreign anchors have been misled by liability insurance policies which are not enforceable in the United States. It is recommended that any insurance policy alleging to cover anchors made outside the United States be examined by legal counsel.
  • National Foundry anchors are under warranty. We are available to answer any questions or to assist you at any time. You are not forced to deal with a manufacturer in China or Mexico.
  • National Foundry utilizes an in-house spectrometer to analyze all produced steel products and maintain industry standards. All raw stock is certified steel and meets or exceeds American Steel Standards. There is no assurance of any of the above regarding anchors made in China or Mexico.
  • National Foundry Anchors are available when you need them. We always keep a large inventory in stock to meet all of your anchor needs. Orders usually ship within one to two days.
National Foundry has been casting and manufacturing anchors for over 40 years. We will continue to offer you, at competitive prices, the best anchor MADE IN AMERICA BY AMERICAN WORKMEN.