Oilfield Anchor Applications in Odessa and Midland, TX

The rod is built from Grade ASTM-36 steel. Both models have an eye hot formed 3" by 5" I.D. and welded to the rod. The other end is threaded and has a nut in place to engage pressure plate to open bottom. The rod on the Dragon Back is produced from 6' to 14' lengths the rod on the Grip Jaw is produced in 6' to 12' lengths and both are available in 1 1/4" and 1 1/8" rod diameters. The rod lengths are determined by soil formation and moisture conditions where the anchor is installed. The eye on the rod is painted with bright yellow enamel. The remaining rod is coated with a mastic asphalt then a plastic sleeve to inhibit corrosion.
Pressure Plate
Consists of an extra heavy steel casting, top ribbed for extra strength. This plate is made to lock into place on the high ridged lugs as the anchor is screwed open to make sure the jaw blades will remain in a position of maximum opening which constitutes a double safety lock. It is also coated to inhibit corrosion.
Lock Nut
Consists of an extra heavy cast steel nut, center tapped to accept rod diameter in 2" of thread depth for stabilizing anchor in case of uneven wing loading. The blades ride on the nut radius while opening. When fully open, the load from the blades rest on nose and heel seats of lock-nut, thus relieving pin load. When fully open the cast in safety latch holds wings in open position even if pins are removed.
Consists of four (Dragon- Back) or three (Grip Jaw) heavy cast steel high ridged blades. The blades are curved to give a fast easy roll into formations of great density. The tips are like sharpened teeth, hardened to aid in splitting shelf rock or hard to cut soils. The blades are arched to open in the undisturbed formation, on top of the blades there is an interlocking safety feature; a high ridged lock-lug on which the pressure plate rests, holding the jaws in their maximum opening position. These thick locking lugs prevent closing of the anchor in a working action load and forces the blades to rest on safety latch nose and heel seats of nuts.
The 3-wing expanding anchor assembly (bottom) when fully opened and assembled expands to 24" in diameter and 209 square inches of surfaced area. Total combined weight of bottom: 36lbs.
The 4 grip-jaws anchor assembly (bottom) when fully opened and assembled expands to 22" in diameter. Total combined weight of bottom: 35lbs.